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Virgo Female Personality Traits

Born Aug 23~Sep 22Ruling PlanetMercury
SymbolThe VirginElementEarth
Basic TraitI AnalyzeClosest MetalQuicksilver
Lucky DayWednesdayQualityMutable
Lucky PlacesSmall citiesLucky Numbers4, 8
Lucky ColorSaffron Yellow and Azure Blue
Lucky FlowersLilies
Lucky GemsTopaz, Agate and Aquamarine
Ruling GoldGod: Greek-Hermes; Roman-Mercury
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Overall Personality Traits

A Virgo woman is fearless and adventurous though she may appear shy and reserved. She is determined and never gives up once she set up her mind to something.

A Virgo female has a critical nature. She is organized, efficient, and very self-critical. She can be stubborn and difficult to talk to if you offend her. To be her friends, you need to be patient and forgiving.

Virgo is very good at finances. She is always careful with her expenditure. She is very tasteful and always seeks for intellectual company and conversations.

It is advisable to give a Virgo female all the freedom she requires. She can be charming, pleasing and very caring when she is happy.


A Virgo female is very loyal and devoted in a relationship. She can be emotional and practical at the same time. When she falls in love, she is very passionate and affectionate. However if you hurt her, she can become instantly offensive and distant.

When a Virgo female is upset, it is advisable to leave her in peace a while. A Virgo woman always finds it hard to admit her mistakes. Therefore to be her partner you need to be forgiving and accommodating.

A Virgo female tends to worry too much. Try to take her out to ease her stress and worry. A Virgo woman can be very sensitive and self-conscious. Always pay attention to your words when you date with a Virgo woman.

Virgo always seeks for perfectionism in life, even though she knows that she is not perfect. A Virgo woman is a caring and organized mother. She is very tender towards her children but on the other hand she can be very strict and disciplined.

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