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Virgo 2013 Yearly Outlook

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Overall fortune

2013 is a year Virgo expects to make breakthroughs. You will use your knowledge and intelligence to achieve many difficult tasks. With the help from Mercury and Mars, you will have your feet firmly on the ground. Try to seize the opportunities when they come up, especially during the first half of the year.

Virgo expects to make progress on different areas. Mars will direct you towards the right direction. Your seriousness will bring you opportunities. Be prepared and you will have a very bright future.


Virgo may feel sentimental in 2013. You expect to feel happier which can make your partner more passionate towards you. For Virgo in a relationship, you will deepen your relationship in 2013. The relationship will enable you to have a better relationship with people around you. For single Virgo, you will be asked going on a date! Try to be more understanding, learn to be tolerant, and open your mind for new things.

Money management

Virgo expects to get better with money management in 2013. You are generally cautious about your spending, though sometimes you may be buying expensive items that you do not necessarily need. January, February and March are good months for Virgo to invest.

Academic Guidance

Academically Virgo expects to have a relatively smooth year in 2013. You may feel not able to concentrate from time to time. Have more confidence in yourself. For the second half of the year, Virgo expects to make great progress.


Virgo expects to have a fast pace at work. You need to adapt yourself to the new environment. Mars will help you progress on your career. But first of all you need to be clear what direction you would like to go. Try not to be influenced by others. You would find that negotiation can be difficult sometimes. But in the long term, those experiences are good for you. Virgo expects to learn a lot in 2013.


Overall Virgo expects to be in good health in 2013. Try to pay attention to aliments linked to nose, respiratory vessels and stomach. In January, March and May Virgo may feel a little weak. Try to maintain a balanced diet and exercise more to keep fit.

Strength Strength & Weakness Weakness

Strength: Modest, tidy, careful, analytical, and righteous

Weakness: Choosy, sentimental, rigid and can be hard to please


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