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Overall Fortune

2012 is a year Virgo expects to make great achievements. Thanks to the influence from Uranus Virgo will be very active and have great interest in many things. The influence from Saturn will enable Virgo to keep a calm attitude when making decisions. Overall Virgo is rational, calm and is a perfectionist. Virgo prefers to have a regular lifestyle and dislikes complicated social relationships. Try to avoid criticizing others too much.


For single Virgo 2012 is a good year to consider entering into a relationship. You are likely to encounter someone you like during your trips. Try to take reality and practicality into consideration before you enter into a relationship. Overall Virgo needs to be more proactive.

For Virgo in a relationship, it is time to consider marriage and think whether you really get along with the other person. You also need to take reality into consideration when thinking whether you want to spend the rest of your life with someone.

Money Management

Try to be more positive when making an investment in 2012. Generally Virgo is very good at money management. You can consider being an accountant, investor or other careers related to money as your profession.

Academic Guidance

Academically Virgo expects to have a smooth year in 2012. You need to have more confidence in your ability. Learn to deal with pressure when taking exams. You expect to perform better during the 2nd half of your academic year.


Virgo expects to perform well at work. You will become very enthusiastic about your work in 2012. Look into the details when you deal with issues at work. Virgo is likely to get promoted during the 2nd half of the year. Try to grasp opportunities when they come. For Virgo looking for a job, autumn is likely to be a changing point.


Overall Virgo expects to be in good health in 2012. chrysanthemum is your lucky flower and Sapphire is your lucky stone. Put a violet carpet in front of your bed to increase your fortune on love and use fragrant diffuser in your room. Make a red ribbon and put it on your curtain to improve your fortune.


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